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Chef Quality At Your Table

The CariQuisine Story

Chef Quality At Your Table

Franck Chevrier, or “Chef Franck” as he is affectionately known, has been involved in butchery and meat processing from an early age. Working at the family business, barely able to reach the table, he started using butcher knives to chop parsley and onions to incorporate in the sausage stuffing.

Later on his parents presented him with a butcher’s jacket made by an aunt (as none were available in stores in those days) and so began his early days of making sausages – twisting them, cooking them and deboning the meat. Over the years he would spend his holidays working in the meat processing room of the family business.

At age 16 he embarked on culinary training in a 1 Michelin star restaurant but decided to pursue meat training and butchery instead, and so commenced his journey with a few well renowned butchery companies in France.

Franck finally went back to the culinary side of things while working in Paris, and subsequently moved to the Caribbean, where he has been based for close to 20 years.

During those years as an Executive Chef, Franck continued with the manufacturing of sausages, and his place of employment at the time, the East Winds Beach Hotel, provided the perfect setting. The infamous Chef Franck speciality sausages (seafood sausages, curry flavoured sausages and merguez) were regular delicacies on the menu.

Wanting to try out his sausages outside of the hotel environment, Franck acquired a concessioners booth at the 2002 Jazz Festival, selling sausage sandwiches. The booth was a huge success. The trail was set and Chef Franck knew he wanted to provide sausages for a wider population.

Things all fell into place when a long established meat processing company in Saint Lucia came up for sale. GREW 1989 was founded in 1989 by the late Mr. Desmond Mongroo. The company, which produced bacon, picnic ham, sausages and hamburger patties, was later operated by Gregory and Veronica Mongroo, who changed the name to Grew Industries 1989 Ltd.

In late 2006, Franck purchased the company, and armed with his extensive butchery and culinary skills and knowledge went to work on making his name in the meat processing business in Saint Lucia, augmenting the traditional Grew products with his speciality “Chef Franck” sausages, thus providing a wider range of products to better serve the tourism industry and general population.

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